Siti Goes To Cameron Highlands

Hello there, peace be upon you!

Its kinda exciting new year celebration for me to have this short trip to Cameron Highlands, Pahang, with my friend, Salwa.

We booked #kisabelhotel at #tanahrata for 3days 2nights for RM190 for 2 people. Very comfy, just a bit small (bilik murah kan), but it provides easy access to all interesting place all around #cameronhighlands.

We start our journey on 01012016 from Kuala Lumpur. It takes almost 3 hours drive using #northsouthexpressway and exit to #tapah. From Tapah exit, we drove up to tanah rata for about 1 hour and 30 minutes. But before that we stop at #lataiskandar to record nice picture of the waterfalls.

After satisfy with all our selfies and wefies picture, we having lunch at nearby stall. It serve very delicious #masakankampung. Then, we continue our journey.

On the way to our hotel we passed by #beefarm #pickyourownstrawberry.

We arrived at hotel around 3pm. After put down all our belongings, we go out to see the surroundings of the tanah rata. We walked by all the shops and stalls and the parks.

Until 630pm we felt hungry. We stop by at the nearer stall and have satay, set menu of tomyam, saltedfish baby kailans and nescafe o panas. Then we goes back to hotel. Prepare ourselve, take bath, solat, and we were going to #pasarmalambrinchang

I boughy #strawberrychocolate (so damn craving for that), #driedstrawberry and junkfood. Around 10pm we are going back to the hotel to have our hot tea served with strawberry chocolate that we just bought from #brinchangnightmarket.

And we have a very cold night sleep even without aircond or ceiling fan!


We woke up. Prepared ourselves accordingly, and we are headings to #bharatvalleyteahouse.


Its very cold and windy, and sunny! What a perfect weather.


After tired of taking selfies with #tealeaves, we headings upstair to have our late breakfast.


We had #creamteaset which including 2 sets of #scone, butter, cream, and #strawberryfilling, served with #originalhighlandtea. And this moment is the best part of my journey as i love this #sconecreamtea set so much. I will definitely coming back for this in other time.

After that we goes to #bigredstrawberryfarm at #brinchang.





And tonight we will be going to #tanahratanightmarket to buy something for our family and friends. Tomorrow morning this journey will end, and we will start working for another new year. #newchapter in life starts wonderfully.

See ya.

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