Why Do People Travel?

I always have this thought in my mind every time I saw my friend’s Instagram pictures or Facebook posts when they travel to somewhere else.

whytravel.jpg Photo by Traveling Mailbox

HUMANS LOVE to travel. Mentally or physically, they escape to other places. They crave adventure. They seek the unknown. They want to see new places, learn new things, enjoy new experiences and then return home to the familiar, the predictable, the secure, before taking off again on their travels.

Some of them travel to other places or another country because of work. They have been sent there to complete certain tasks given by their employer but either way, they enjoyed their ‘away’ time.

Some of them, just randomly planning every year going into different places. When we know travel will surely cost you some amount of money, time and energy, the real question here is,

Why?     ….?

Do they really rich?…

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