How to Successfully Applied for a Job

Hi, i would like to share how I apply for a job that outranked my qualifications. I am 32. I have degree in science. For years I’ve been in banking line, insurance, IT security, hotels, manufacturing, and i just decided that this year i would like to try something new, something I’ve never done before: content review or content moderator. Since my passion for blogging can never be stopped, i think this time the job suits me much.

If you are facing hard time finding a suitable job for you, i recommend that you started by creating a lively LinkedIn account.not only having an account but you must actively adding and sending connection.i have about 2,280 connection up-to-date.


Because there,at LinkedIn you can find almost everyday people posted about job vacancy.if you missed out any of them, you can use the filter to trace back vacancy post that you have missed.

Bear it in mind as well, you have to put target in which industry or which type of job you wanted? Because this preference will helps you adding a correct connection. At the end of the day you don’t want adding someone in IT department or hotel line whilst your aim is to work in a bank. You have to add more banking people and HR people who works in a bank.

When you found a job that suits you, write up proper email to apply for it. I did not say my email is the most proper one but you can take the idea from it. I attached you the screenshot. May it helps.coz it helps me already.

Last but not least,
I understand the feeling of the struggle in finding good jobs but let it not stop you there, ok?

And don’t forget to say thank you for any agency that helps you through the process. It doesn’t have any effects if you don’t because you already got the job but, this is something we are missing as a human, : appreciation. Starts with ourself.

Much love,
Mek. MrsMus.

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