Your TikTok Account Always Been Deleted for No Reason? Try This..

I am nobody but i just wanna try to help. I have read somewhere that TikTok users complaining about their account has been banned or deleted for no reason

If you are having the same problem, maybe you could try any of these solution below:

1. Username

Change your username into your real name instead of trying to be “softpxrning” it like you-know-how-it-sound or try to avoid using names that represents pxrn, gang or terrorism.

2. Age in bio

For those who asking, “my name is normal but why it still been deleted?” The answer is your age that you put in your bio. Try to put 13 and above even though you look younger than that.

3. Your content

TikTok maybe advise user to post some creative and genuine content but i read that they also want to control content that against community standard, so you know what your community standards about right? Things like pxrnography, drugs, pedophile, violence and etc should be avoided.


I don’t know if those works but you may try. No harms right? Left a comments below if you succeed using these tips.

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