Food Hunting: Nasi Kandar Restoren M. Salim, Ipoh

Back from penang, on the way to KL,  we decided to singgah ipoh and continue nasi kandar hunting there. If in penang,  i just follow my husband as he is local. Born n breed in penang but for ipoh, we have to rely much on google review

After googling, we have 2 places in list, one nasi ganja ipoh, and second one restoren m salim. But we choose m.salim lah since there is lot comments says nasi ganja ipoh is not muslim friendly

To find the shop is a bit challenging as the restaurant do not have any signboard, or maybe the signboards has been blocked by huge bougainvillea tree infront of the place. We have to turn around 2 times before we could find the place.

It is located besides huge chinese foodcourt. Parking are plenty, but since we came during sunday, we are not sure they charge the parking or not during weekdays

When we arrive,  around 1230pm, the restaurant already full of people. I came just with my husband,  but if u are planning to come with big family, i advised you to make prior reservations.  Takut tak ckup meja!

We have to wait a bit but it is very fast service. Sekejap je dia kemas2 then we had our table.

For the food, the queue is long, and a bit lama…

For me, i took daging hitam, ayam kampung, kuah campur, bendi, sayur and telur asin. For husband’s, ayam goreng, kuah campur, sayur, telur asin. Daging hitam is so soft and sedaaaapppp

The reviews:
9/10 for the taste. It has it own special taste, can’t compare with penang NK taste, a bit different since it is kari place.
8/10 for hygiene. The place is so neat and tidy. Lantai bersih.

9/10 for fast services. Drinks is fast but food, depends on the queue.sometime poeple infront got so many “tunjuk2 here and there” so a bit lambat.
9/10 for affordable price. Total rm35++ for 2 plates and 3 drinks (sbb satu drinks silap oder, aku tambah 1 lg teh ais, aku la yg silap cakap, bukan diorg silap dgr)

Turn out we learn that the speciality of this place is not kasi kandar. People came here to eat kari kepala ikan more than nasi kandar. But when we oder nasi kandar also the taste is not bad, the joki’s gravy mix is the best.

Will repeat: YES definitely will repeat again in the future.

Side notes: For me personally i like ayam kampung, and kuah campur.

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