Food Hunting: Nasi Kandar Merlin, Georgetown

Geng2 nasi kandaq hunters, bila mai Penang, pasti takmau lepaskan peluang untuk mencuba nasi kandar di beberapa tempat yg berbeza

Termasuk la jugak kami. Kali ni kami nak review pasal Nasi Kandar Melin, Union Street, Georgetown

This nasi kandar place is located under merlin hotel Georgetown,  nearby police barracks and maybank Georgetown

If u need secure parking, u can park at parking bertingkat beside maybank, and from there just 1 minute walk to this nasi kandar place

I am first time eating here, my first impression is toward hygienic issue. From sideways of the place already make me uncomfortable but since i came from far, and read review about the taste, i stick to my decision to try it. (I came from Kl)

I take ayam, daging hitam, kuah campur, bendi, telur bawang and acar timun. What surprises me is the joki using bare hand to touch my ayam and cut it into pieces. But its ok la since he touch only the wing area and later i throw the wing part where he touches it

As for the nasi kandar taste, the kuah campur is good, means they have good joki to mix the gravy, the ayam is cold and the texture is like re-heat chicken. The daging hitam is so good and acar timun is the best. But telur bawang is a big no for me, i throw it after a small bite.

Taste is 8/10 (if without telur bawang)
Hygienic is 4/10
Fast service is 9/10

Overall ok la but if have to repeat, maybe have to think again carefully.

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