Tips Nak ke CAMERON HIGHLANDS🍓 1) Yg mana dr KL boleh ikut Tapah, dr Penang ikut Simpang Pulai. Tganu boleh lkut kuala berang - felda aring - gua musang. Atau Raub - sungai koyan pon boleh 2) Bertolak awal okey! Sesudah subuh harap dah start enjin Lambat confem jem oi🚌🚕🚖🚗🚑🚐 3) Merancang itu penting. Kena... Continue Reading →

[Food] Thai Food Festival, TESCO Nilai

Ladies Archery, Bandar Seri Putra it held at shoplot. level 1. suitable for beginner. 2 hours class, continued by little tounament, and ended by giving certs to participants. my rate to this place is 3.0/5.0 Coffee Caramel McDonalds - ice cream session new product from Mcdonalds. the taste is good. the coffee taste is so... Continue Reading →

Siti Goes To Cameron Highlands

Hello there, peace be upon you! Its kinda exciting new year celebration for me to have this short trip to Cameron Highlands, Pahang, with my friend, Salwa. We booked #kisabelhotel at #tanahrata for 3days 2nights for RM190 for 2 people. Very comfy, just a bit small (bilik murah kan), but it provides easy access to... Continue Reading →

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