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Girls, tak ada situasi yang lebih heartbreaking daripada rasa tersisih, rasa tak diperlukan dan rasa diabaikan oleh orang yang kita sayangi. iaitu pasangan kita.

sebab itu, ia amatlah melukakan hati bila pasangan muka menunjukkan tanda-tanda hilang minat pada kita.

sebagai seseorang yang amat menyayangi pasangan, saya faham, anda tak tenteram fikirkan pasal hal ni siang malam dan anda nak cepat-cepat selesaikan sebelum bernanah dan menjadi barah. ada beberapa ‘quick and fast action’ yang kita boleh cuba-jaya untuk perbetulkan keadaaan. i mean, as long as love is there, the list will be endless.

tapi ada masanya juga, dimana bila tiada staupun cara yang berbaloi untuk anda lakukan, the best option is always move on.

11 petanda yang anda boleh kenalpasti terhadap pasangan yang mula hilang minat terhadap anda.

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1. THE ROMANCE IS DWINDLING – untuk pasangan yang dah berkahwin, anda boleh lihat keinginan untuk melakukan hubungan seksual makin berkurang malah tak ada langsung! dak tak mau cuddles and peluk2. dah kurang keluar dating.

dalam situasi macam ni, cuba cepat-cepat ajak dia keluar dinner ke, keluar malam tepi tasik ka. just u and him. berdua. without phone. cakap dari hati ke hati. kiss in public.

2. MEREKA DAH TAKDA MASA UNTUK ANDA ATAU PURA-PURA SIBUK NAK LUANGKAN MASA BERSAMA ANDA – kadang-kadang tentu anda pelik kenapa la sejak akhir-akhir ni dia asik nak mengelak je. dan tiba-tiba ada alasan paling power untuk batalkan apa-apa plan bersama anda. padahal sebelum ni, takda yang lebih penting melainkan anda dalam hidup dia, dan bila dia kata nak tengok tv punca dia cancel date korang, itu tanda dia hilang minat! –

macam ni cuba text or jumpa, tanya apa sebab si dia being flaky with you. anda ada hak untuk tau apa jua sebabnya.

3. THEY SEEM SUPER ANNOYED – perkara biasa untuk pasangan bergaduh atau get irritating with each other sometimes. tapi bila keadaan makin lama jadi makin kejam dan kurang hajar, itu boleh jadi petanda pasangan anda sedang berfikir untuk meninggalkan anda dan menamatkan hubungan korang. –

so next time bila pasangan cuba cari silly mistakes dengan anda mcm hal pinggan mangkuk x cuci ke atau baju x lipat, cuba tanya what the real issues are. most of the time they will open up. biasanya situasi macam ni akan buka peluang untuk korang having more frank conversation on what actually bugging him and you.

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4. MEREKA UTAMAKAN KAWAN BERBANDING ANDA, PADAHAL SEBELUM NI BUKAN PUN KAKI LEPAK DENGAN KAWAN – ya, saya faham, sebelum anda berdua bertemu, masing-masing ada life sendiri. dia dengan minat dia. dan anda dengan minat anda. hobbies, interests. etc.. yang tak melibatkan satu sama lain. itu normal and absolutely healthy. tapi apa yang jadi tak normal nya, bila setiap kali dia akan utamakan kawan-kawan dia 100% bila dia perlu memilih antara anda dan kawan-kawan dia. awas, he is losing interest in you. –

Let your partner go out, and don’t be mad about it. “Just putting a single day of ‘alone time’ in between every couple of days will give you some breathing time and let you miss each other,” said Sarah Butcher on HuffingtonPost.com. If you two simply needed some breathing room, this could really do the trick.

5. THEY NEVER GIVE YOU A CALL – sayang, kita semua tahu, it takes less than 30 second to send a text kat pasangan cakap i love you and how much they meant to us. and it take less than 5 minutes to call and say hi. tapi berat sangat diorang nak buat? kalau kita yang call pulak, susah nak angkat nak balas. —

cara yang paling matang untuk handle situasi ni, adalah dengan berterus terang dengan pasangan anda yang anda perlukan lebih komunikasi antara korang berdua. If this person is worth your time, they should be willing to send out a few more texts, or muster the ability to call. If they can’t, they may no longer be worth your time.

6. THINGS HAVE GOTTEN……..AWKWARD – Your partner used to chat happily for hours. Now, things feel a bit forced. “Everyone is awkward and walking on eggshells 24/7, and there are continuous ‘reasons’ not to do things together,” said Taibbi. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see this isn’t a good sign –

sebab tu sekali sekala perlu ada honeymoon semula antara korang berdua. tak payah mahal-mahal dan tak payah jauh-jauh. Switch things up and try a new date location (instead of that restaurant you’ve both been to 55,000 times). “The new setting will help you to stay engaged and interested, rather than relying on old habits and assumptions,” said Esther Boykin on MindBodyGreen.com. “It’s also a great conversation starter as you both explore a fresh experience together.

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7. DIA TAK ADA SEBARANG PERANCANGAN UNTUK MASA HADAPAN KORANG BERDUA – cuba lihat daripada cara dia bercakap. kalau dia selalu guna ‘saya’ daripada ‘kita’ bila bercerita tentang masa hadapan dia, bermakna anda tak termasuk dalam plan dia. dia tak fikir nak ada long term relationship dengan anda. –

See if your partner is down for some serious relationship stuff, like meeting your parents or going on a long vacation. This might just show them how serious you are about the relationship. And here’s hoping some of the positive energy will rubs off.

8. YOU DON’T FEEL SUPPORTED. DIA TAK PEDULI PUN APA ANDA NAK BUAT, SUKAHATI LAH – Supporting a partner is difficult, and time consuming. So someone yang dah ready nak tinggalkan anda, may find it impossible to muster the strength. —

Continue supporting your partner, no matter what. When your partner is stressed, consider proactively offering support, instead of waiting for [them] to come to you. Showing that you’re still available, despite the current rocky state, may help them realize what they’ve got.

9. THEY DON’T WANT TO LABEL THINGS – tak semua orang rasa nak announce and label relationship, dan itu totally OK. tapi adakala, orang yang rasa tak perlu nak label relationship ni someone yang diam-diam nak keluar drp hubungan korang –

Chat with your partner. Express why it’s important to you to acknowledge your status … in public and how you value the relationship. If they aren’t willing to see your point, or are pretending things are more casual than they actually are, it may be time to move on.

10. THEY REFER TO YOU AS A ”FRIEND” – What’s more painful than not getting that label of boyfriend or girlfriend? Being called a friend, especially if you’ve been dating for a while. It could mean any number of things — your partner isn’t taking things seriously, he or she is taking things slow, or they’re losing interest. It can be tough to say, but it’s almost always painful to hear. –

Unless you guys have been perfectly clear about a friends with benefits thing, then it’s time to speak up. Do you want to be considered more than a friend? Tell them so. It may be difficult to do, but at the very least it’ll save you from wasting your time.

11. YOU DON’T FEEL LIKE PRIORITY – What’s the giant takeaway from all of this? Above anything else, you want to feel like a priority in your partner’s life. When that’s not the case, it’s a huge, glaring sign that they are probably losing interest. –

As I said above, don’t bend over backwards for someone who clearly isn’t putting in the effort. When you meet the right person, everything will feel easy, and you will clearly be his or her top concern.



It is OK, however, to work on minor issues and to make an effort during rough patches. But whatever you, don’t put up with a relationship that’s constantly struggling. If that’s the case, move on to someone who is more worth your time.

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