[Company Review] Are you struggling in your day-to-day retail business management in Malaysia?

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What is stocktake in retail?

Stock-taking or “inventory checking” is the physical verification of the quantities and condition of items held in an inventory or warehouse. This may be done to provide an audit of existing stock

Are you struggling in your day-to-day retail business management in Malaysia?

Inventory or stock as it is also called, can devastate a business. A business carrying inventory has a much more difficult chance of survival, as opposed to a business rendering a mere service. Stock management is a good practice for any organization. In the event that you are not watching out for your stock or counting stock frequently, you are setting yourself up for potential stock mistakes and difficulties. Proper stock management truly can represent the break moment your business.

It’s important to update your inventory records to reflect the results of your physical count, whether you’ve uncovered the reason for the discrepancy or not. This will allow you to view the correct levels of stock going forward, which you can then use to alter your profit margins and financial forecasts.

What is the importance of stock taking?

The importance of stocktaking is clear. It allows you to regularly monitor and increase gross profit, reduce loss, improve control of allowances, and reduce waste.

Why is stocktaking essential in a business?

By completing regular stocktakes and having an insight into your stores you will find new ways to increase profits and improve your business. Let us convince you that stocktaking is integral to any business. Stocktaking is the physical counting and verification of items held in store or warehouses.

How often should you do a stocktake?

To ensure that every stock of your business is counted at least once a year, you need to perform stocktaking at least once every year. However, depending on the needs of your business, you may perform stocktaking more than once a year including performing it on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

How to conduct a successful stocktake?

Have the right tools at the ready. Before beginning your stocktake, make sure you have everything you need.

  1. Set a date and prepare your stockroom.
  2. Categorise your stock.
  3. Define your methods.
  4. Count each inventory item.
  5. Validate your stock.
  6. Keep clear and accurate records.
  7. Or you could just let the professional do it for you.
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But the real problem is finding the right person to do the right thing in stock taking across Malaysia. We feel you though…

That’s why the idea come across in our founder’s mind that this could be ultimate service that every retailer should have to manage cost and maximizing profits at the same time minimizing waste that cause future loss to the company.

There is one fast-expanding company named SG SERVICE & CONSULTANT who had years of experience in doing outsourcing for stock taking. They previously had serve for Oil & Gas company retail line, and few big names in retail industries. You can contact them for further details but here a bit outline about their company that I’ve gained from their business portfolios.

                    TAMAN SIERRA PERDANA, 81750 MASAI JOHOR
CONTACT NUM : Ms SU (011-39258828)
                             Ms Aina (017-7121702)
                             Mr Rafisham (019-6606587)
                             Mr Fairuz (017-7941702)


About company ( SG SERVICES & CONSULTANT )

Menawarkan perkhidmatan sampingan pd sekitar tahun 2015 namun beroperasi secara rasmi dan sepenuhnya pada bulan oktober 2018. Memulakan perkhidmatan di kawasan negeri johor dan berkembang ke Kuala lumpur,Selangor dan Perak.

Walaupun perniagaan beralamat di Johor tetapi perkhidmatan yang dijalankan merangkumi seluruh negeri kerana pihak pengurusan telah menyiapkan pasukan terlatih bagi beberapa kawasan. Antara perkhidmatan yang ditawarkan adalah seperti khidmat nasihat,pengiraan barang (Stock Take), Training dan beberapa lagi.

Bagi pihak yang mengalami kekangan seperti kekurangan tenaga pekerja,masa yang terhad dan kurang tenaga mahir maka pihak pengurusan kami akan membantu menyelesaikan perkara tersebut. Sekurang-kurang nya dapat meringankan kekusutan serta bebanan. Bagi perkhidmatan Stock Take pihak pengurusan akan menyertakan laporan sebagai bukti dan rujukan untuk tujuan penambah baikkan.

Begitu juga dengan perkhidmatan lain,penyediaan laporan akan dibuat berdasarkan kepada permintaan. Peruntukan bagi setiap perkhidmatan adalah berbeza mengikut jenis perkhimatan serta pakej yang ditawarkan bermula dari RM 300 sehingga RM1500 (rundingan peruntukan diterima).

Sebarang pertanyaan boleh menghubungi terus individu-individu yang dinyatakan atau boleh melalui email yang disertakan.

CONTACT NUM : Ms SU (011-39258828)
                             Ms Aina (017-7121702)
                             Mr Rafisham (019-6606587)
                             Mr Fairuz (017-7941702)

SG Service Team Activities in Stock Taking Across Malaysia

pic 6
their main services
pic 1
they do it all for you.
pic 3
look at how dedicated they are
SG Service & Consultant, a name you can trust

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